Aggressive Dog Boarding Things to Consider

Boarding an aggressive dog can be challenging and requires careful consideration to ensure the safety of the dog and other animals in the boarding facility. Not all boarding facilities are equipped to handle aggressive dogs, and it is important to find a boarding facility that has experience with aggressive dogs and has the appropriate training and facilities to manage them.

Here are some things to consider when boarding an aggressive dog:

1.Look for a Boarding Facility with Experience: Find a boarding facility that has experience working with aggressive dogs and understands the appropriate management strategies.

2.Disclose the Aggression: It is important to disclose any history of aggression when booking a boarding reservation to ensure the boarding facility can provide appropriate care and management.

3.Consider a Private Room: A private room may be a safer option for an aggressive dog, as it minimizes their exposure to other animals and reduces the risk of incidents.

4.Request a Behavior Plan: Ask the boarding facility to develop a behavior plan for your aggressive dog, which outlines specific management strategies and training techniques that will be used during their stay.

5.Consider a Professional Trainer: If your dog has severe aggression issues, it may be necessary to hire a professional trainer to work with them during their boarding stay to address their behavior issues.

It is important to remember that not all boarding facilities may be equipped to handle an aggressive dog, and it may be necessary to seek alternative arrangements, such as a pet sitter or a specialized boarding facility for aggressive dogs.

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