Soco Pet Lounge Austin Texas

For Dogs and Cats

A place designed to allow your pet to play for a day, stay for a while or even receive a refreshing bath or hair and nail clipping in our Grooming Lounge. A place for fun, social play or even just to get away…alone or with friends, the fun and relaxation never end. A place where you can do some shopping, while your pet is sleeping, eating or hopping. Whether you’re out of town or just out on the town, bring your pet to “lounge around”.

Pet Boarding Accommodation Features :
Urban lounges: more open space for larger dogs
Patio lounges: includes an outdoor “patio” run
Suite lounges: quiet and completely private
Cat lounges: spacious yet cozy feline space
Studio lounges: cozy den-like setting

Services :

Pet Daycare

Pet Boarding

Pet Grooming


4917 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78745
Phone Number : +1-512-851-0877

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